New series of air cooled chillers

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Company Freego Energy has been a modern producer of industrial refrigerating equipment since the beginning of the year 2009. Its production is mainly focused on chillers and multi-compressor refrigerating equipment. Over the course of several years, the company has developed and produced several hundred individual orders according to customers’ requirements. Tens of megawatts of cold have come off our factory conveyors.

For several years, the production of chillers has been continuously modernized and supplement with state-of-the-art technologies in various stages of the production process.

The factory is equipped with the most modern equipment which allows for the factory to produce refrigerating equipment for any field of application, maintaining high precision and quality standards.

Our factory. CNC bending equipment.

Our factory. High-precision laser equipment.

The metalworking workshop has a high-precision CNC cutter, CNC bending equipment, metal shearing equipment, magnetic bending equipment, and a wide range of welding equipment.

Products are painted using modern powder coating equipment, ensuring that the housings produced by our company have a long service life.

The assembly workshop is equipped with all kinds of pneumatic tools and electrical tools which, due to the minimum physical effort requirements, allow eliminating low-quality production process within the framework of some complicated manufacturing operations. Pipe soldering is carried out by skilled workers who have more than 10 years of experience in this field of work.

The department where electrical distribution boards are assembled complies with all state standards (GOST) of the Russian Federation.

The refrigerating equipment testing and quality control workshop allows guaranteeing the purchasers of the equipment that that the products being released are under constant control right until the moment they are shipped.

Our current company become a basis for a service centre which accepts refrigerating systems released by our company.

Our company has developed the most modern chillers, and we can confidently state that. The scope of application of chillers is very wide. In any industry, where it is necessary to cool any liquid, a chiller is needed. Of course, it is also possible to use a flow-through water system, but this method has many drawbacks. First of all, a flow-through water system is very expensive which will have a negative effect on the production cost. Secondly, flow-through water does not maintain a stable temperature throughout the whole year, which affects the quality and speed of the released products. A chiller allows using water in a cyclic manner, which does not lead to unwanted additional costs, as well it allows, at the point where water enters the equipment, ensuring the temperature specified in the technical requirements. Also, you will get additional energy consumption; however, it will still be significantly smaller than if you were using a flow-through water system. In addition, sufficient water pipe pressure is not always available at all locations within the premises of a company.